Essential Oils Basics

9 Essentials for Dr. Mom and Caregivers (for Seniors too!)

Moms nurture their kids in every way—mentally, physically, and emotionally. They’re the all-purpose, everyday fixer of problems big and small. From an upset tummy to a broken heart, Dr. Mom is there to care, comfort, and cuddle whenever it’s needed.

Whether it’s switching soda for the benefits of NingXia Red or creating a calm, clean environment with naturally derived Thieves Household Cleaner, being Dr. Mom means you call the shots on what’s best for your family’s wellness. That’s why we’ve rounded up some of our favorite mom must-haves and kid-safe essential oils to help care for kids from sun up to sun down—and even the time in between.

Essential Oils for Mom Infographic


How do you show love to the children or seniors you care for? Tell us in the comments below!

Thieves, Lavender, Purification and Stress Away essential oils are included in the Premium Starter Kit. Click HERE to order yours!

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How You Can Start Enjoying the Full Benefits of Essential Oils

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All About … Thieves® Essential Oil Blend 

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All About … Purification® Essential Oil Blend

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