Essential Oils Basics

A Closer Look at Seed to Seal: Sourcing, Science, and Standards

You know that Young Living products are different; you can feel it every time you diffuse your favorite essential oil blend, each time you clean your home with Thieves Household Cleaner, and whenever you power through your afternoon with a boost from NingXia Nitro. The difference you feel is no accident. The Young Living products you use and love are only as good as the standards that they meet, and we’ve crafted quality standards way ahead of the curve for our industry.

Our Seed to Seal program is what makes our products possible, with rigorous, no-compromise benchmarks in Sourcing, Science, and Standards. Get to know these pillars of our Seed to Seal program and discover how they make all the difference in each of our products!


Love how Seed to Seal ensures that you’re getting only pure, authentic essential oils and more from Young Living? Check out these posts for easy ways to use them in your home every day: 9 Essentials for Dr. Mom and How to use EO’s to create a Healthy Lifestyle.

Ever had a “Seed to Seal moment” when the Young Living difference made all the difference? Tell us about it in the comments!

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How You Can Start Enjoying the Full Benefits of Essential Oils

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