Essential Oils Basics

How You Can Start Enjoying the Full Benefits of Essential Oils

Starting using essential oils is super easy !!!! Take it one month at a time, and start replacing chemical loaded products for essential oils based products. Start small, start slow, get a starter kit and try each oil on different types of application.

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I’ve started this journey a couple of years ago with a Young Living Premium Starter Kit and I’ve never looked back! The Premium Starter Kit comes with a diffuser to use the oils aromatically and 11 bottles of oil. It is less than $14 an item! You can’t beat that, besides if you become a Member with Young Living, you will enjoy discounted shipping on your order and 24% OFF on your next purchases. Like COSTCO, or Sam’s Club, or BJ’s, a Young Living membership give you access to WHOLESALE pricing but unlike them you do NOT need to pay a membership fee.

The Membership is FREE! No annual fees! They just ask you to get a starter kit on your first order and have a total of about $50 order per year to keep being a member. That is a great deal !

Members who qualify can also access exclusive income opportunities, via BONUSES and Commissions. See the Compensation Plan Highlights or contact me at

How do you become a Young Living Member?

  • Head over to our Sign Up page.
  • Leave “Member” checked. It will save you 24% OFF Retail and gives you discounted shipping rates.
  • Leave the My Sponsor  ID / Enroller ID filled out with the number 2209703. That is the ID of the person that recommended you to Young Living. That is me 🙂
  • Click on the Continue button
  • When the Welcome to Young Living box comes up, click on Continue button again
  • On Step 1, choose your Starter Kit – I recommended the “Premium Starter Kit” with any Diffuser but you can select other kits too.
  • On Step 2, choose whether or not to join Essential Rewards with Discounted Shipping and many other PERKS like “cash back”. This is Young Living’s customer loyalty program where you can earn free product, and it is completely optional.  You can opt into this auto-ship program at a later date as well. See details below.
  • Either Add Additional Products to your cart, or proceed with the next step
  • On Step 3, continue the enrollment and click Next
  • If you decided not to enroll Essential Rewards at this time, click on Continue Enrollment the confirmation box comes up
  • Enter your Personal Information
  • Enter you Sign In Information, select a user name, password, and 4 digit PIN (please write these down! You will need this information when you want to access your account later)
  • Select your Commission Processing Information (this relates to whether you plan on receiving commissions from Young Living by having people order under you)
  • Check the box to agree with Young Living terms
  • Select Shipping Method and provide Billing Information
  • Review your order
  • Select Activate and Check Out

It is that simple!

Why join the Essential Awards Program?

• Easy Automatic Monthly Shipments
• Discounted Shipping
• Exclusive Rewards Points that increase the longer you place consecutive orders:
10% back on first 3 consecutive orders
20% back on 4-24 consecutive orders
25% back on 25+ consecutive orders
• Exclusive Loyalty Gifts at 3, 6, 9, and 12 months of consecutive orders

Want to know more? Contact me at for details.

Ask me how you to get your Premium Starter kit for FREE!

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